Umibōzu (海坊主) is an indie music artist in the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. Umibōzu's name derives from a bald creature of the same name from Japanese folklore. Though Umibōzu is not that popular in Japan, he is very famous in foreign countries and he is Risa, Ōtani, Kohori, Abe, and Yoshii's favorite musician.

Appearance Edit

Umibozu profile

Umibōzu in his usual clothes

Umibōzu is usually seen wearing baggy clothing consisting of a white zip-up hoodie and green cargo pants, accessorized with tennis shoes, a necklace, several rings/piercings, and either a white beanie or red baseball cap.

Personality Edit

Although Umibōzu looks intimidating, he is actually extremely nice, and a devoted father and husband. This side of him is seen by Risa and Ōtani when they run into him during their school trip to Hokkaido. Umibōzu had found Risa's lost wallet, returning it to her, and offering her and Ōtani a ride back to their hotel. His trademark symbol is the sign of love.

Relationships Edit

Umibozu's Wife

Umibōzu's wife

Love Interests Edit

Wife Edit

Umibōzu is very loving and devoted towards his wife. The story goes that they had met in high school where Umibōzu confessed to her, but she rejected him because she couldn't see herself dating her best friend. After graduation, she realized the mistake she made and that she deeply loved him, so she then asked him out. They have a young son together who refers to his dad as "Bozu" even though Umibōzu would prefer his son to call him "papa."

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