Track List Edit

  1. dry tears
  2. Risa
  3. delire
  4. deep past
  6. Honobono
  7. Theme of LOVE CON
  8. Fuan na Risa
  9. Bosa na Risa
  10. 18seiki no Bach (Organ Version)
  11. 22seiki no Bach
  12. Tsubureta Tomato
  13. Gakuen Seikatsu (Uptempo)
  14. Orchestra na Risa
  15. Warudakumi
  16. Theme of LOVE CON (Ska Ver.)
  17. akane iro
  18. complex
  19. dry tears (BAND Ver.)
  20. Samba na Risa
  21. Manzai Combi
  22. Theme of LOVE CON (Orgel Ver.)
  23. Eki made Dash, Eki kara Dash
  24. Ragtime na Lisa
  25. world's end ~Chikyuu no hate~ (pf ver.)
  26. Mighty no theme
  27. Seiko no Theme
  28. analyst
  29. premier amour
  30. analyst (Strings ver.)
  31. Kabuki na Risa
  32. Theme of LOVE CON (orch.blues.harp.ver.)
  33. world's end ~Chikyuu no Hate~
  34. Shouganeeze
  35. Shouganeeze ~instrumental~

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