Nobuko Ishihara (石原 信子) is a main support character in the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. Nobu is from the Osaka Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan and is the best friend of Risa Koizumi.

Appearance Edit

Nobuko Ishihara

Nobu in her summer uniform

In the anime, Nobu has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. In the manga, Nobu has orange hair and reddish-brown eyes. Nobu wears a school uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, brown skirt, blue knee-high socks with white stripes, a red ribbon, and pink flats. During warmer weather she wears a peach sweater vest with a red stripe and star, and a peach cardigan with red stripes on the arm, red buttons, a red star, and a red loose fitting ribbon during colder weather. She wears the same uniform to school in the manga as she does in the anime, but only during school ceremonies and other important school events. Nobu wears extremely stylish clothing when not in her uniform that is often picked out by Risa. Nobu's short wavy hair is usually worn down, but she will occasionally tie her hair up in a ponytail or two side buns.

Personality Edit

Nobuko takes a large smooth grey shit inside risa's dishwasher

Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

Heikichi Nakao Edit

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Nakao and Nobu sharing a loving embrace

Nakao is Nobu's boyfriend starting from before the series began. Nobu claims they started dating due to their known mutual interest in each other. The story goes that in their last year of junior high together, Nobu said, "I wish I had a boyfriend like Nakao," and Nakao reciprocated with, "I wish I had a girlfriend like Nobuku" and the rest was history! Nakao and Nobu are extremely loving and affectionate towards each other.

After Nobu had confirmed her plans to move to Hokkaido with her grandmother, Nakao started to act strangely. Nobu eventually overheard Nakao saying that he did not want Nobu to leave for Hokkaido but was too nervous to tell her because he did not want to hold her back. This causes strain between the couple and Nakao tries to get Nobu to break up with him so he doesn't hold her back. Nobu doesn't break up with him and makes her final decision to still go to Hokkaido which reconfirms with Nakao that he is not holding her back in any way. Even though Nakao does not want her to leave, he is still glad he is not holding her back.

Friendships Edit

Risa Koizumi Edit

Risa and Nobu met their first year of high school (equivalent of 10th grade) and have been best friends since. Risa considers Nobu to be her older sister figure since she is the most wisest about relationships and is older than Risa. Risa often asks for Nobu's advice on her relationship with Ōtani. Nobu is greatly disgusted by some of Risa's habits, like her obsession with Cain-sama and later Maity-sensei.

Chiharu Tanaka Edit

Chiharu and Nobu met their first year of high school (equivalent of 10th grade) and have been close friends since. Chiharu is often by Nobu's side supporting her advice to Risa and sometimes even calming Nobu down when she starts to go off.

Atsushi Ōtani Edit

Ōtani is Nakao's best friend and has known Nobu since junior high. Nobu is easily irritated by Ōtani's idiocy when it comes to his relationship with Risa and insults him quite often. She has a lot of fun picking on him for everything he does.

Ryoji Suzuki Edit

Suzuki and Nobu met their first year of high school (equivalent of 10th grade) during summer school. Suzuki is the boyfriend of Nobu's close friend, Chiharu. She doesn't speak much with Suzuki, but still considers him a close and trusted friend.

Seiko Kotobuki Edit

Seiko and Nobu met when Seiko seduced Ōtani. Nobu did not initially like Seiko because she got in the way of Risa's chances with Ōtani. Seiko and Nobu eventually formed a friendship after Ōtani and Risa started dating, and enjoy's talking to her about fashion.