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Appearance Edit

Mimi is the same height as her love rival, Risa. Both her and Risa are 172 cm. she recalls Risa in elementary. Mimi has medium jet black hair that extends a little past her shoulders. She has bangs that don't extend past her eyebrows. During the anime, her black hair has undertones of green.

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Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

Atsushi Ōtani Edit

Atsushi Otani are next door neighbors. Mimi goes to his house everyday to give him milk, so that he'll grow taller. She wants Otani to become taller because he said that he'd only date girls that was shorter then him. She's concerned about this because she fell in love with him. But then he started dating a girl named Risa Koizumi. So when she found out she was furious. And since she found out about Otani and Risa, she tries and tries to break them apart.

Friendships Edit

Risa Koizumi Edit

Mimi isn't really friends with Risa because Risa started dating Atsushi Otani. Whom she has a crush on.