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Welcome to the Lovely★Complex Wiki!

Warning! Proceed with caution! Spoilers ahead!

Help Us Out!

We are currently in need of assistance with the following:

  • Episode summaries, corresponding manga chapters, & title cards
  • Manga Chapter summaries
  • Game summary
  • Live-Action Movie summary
  • Movie Actors summaries (page needs creation)
  • Drama CD summaries (page needs creation)
  • Voice Actor summaries (page needs creation)
  • Aya Nakahara summary
  • Redoing current Character summaries for Atshushi Ōtani, Heikichi Nakao, Chiharu Tanaka, Ryoji Suzuki, Mayu Kanzaki, Mimi Yoshioka, Haruka Fukagawa, Seiko Kotobuki, Maitake Kuniumi, Kazuki Kohori, Kazuko Matsubara, Umibōzu
  • Addition of missing characters for Risa's family, Ōtani's family, Suzuki's family, Nobu's famiy, Abe, Akechiin, Yoshii, Kiyoji Nakano, Hitomi Ōtani, Hiyori Manabu (pages need creation)

Other Information

Lovely★Complex AniManga

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