Send Forbidden Love Flying! is the fifth episode of the Lovely★Complex anime.

Summary Edit

Following the events of the previous day, Seiko's confession has sent Ōtani to cloud 9 leaving Risa feeling a little uneasy with her own feelings. Ōtani injures his finger during basketball practice prompting the on-looking Seiko to take him to the nurses office. Nobu fills Risa's head with strange images of what could happen in the nurses office while Seiko and Ōtani are alone. Risa rushes into the nurses office right as Seiko reveals her deepest secret to Ōtani. This secret leaves Seiko feeling disgusting, but Ōtani comes to the rescue reassuring her that she is not gross to him. The Athletics Festival rolls around and Risa, Ōtani, Nobu, Nakao, and Seiko all decide to join the cheer squad, though there's a bit of a twist to the uniforms.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Atsushi Ōtani

Seiko Kotobuki

Risa Koizumi

Heikichi Nakao

Nobuko Ishihara

Chiharu Tanaka

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