Freshman Year Summer! I'll Definitely Find a Boyfriend! is the first episode of the Lovely★Complex anime.

Summary Edit

It's the last day of class before the first summer vacation of high school, and Risa Koizumi finds herself in trouble for sleeping and ultimately snoring during a school ceremony. Her punishment? Summer school. It didn't seem so bad because Risa would be attending with her best friends, Nobuko Ishihara and Chiharu Tanaka, until she found out her most hated comedy duo partner, Atsushi Ōtani, would be there, too. The day turns around when a boy named Ryoji Suzuki sits behind Risa, it was love at first sight! Ōtani offers her a deal, he will set Risa up with Suzuki in return that she set him up with Chiharu.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Nobuko Ishihara (first appearance)

Risa Koizumi (first appearance)

Chiharu Tanaka (first appearance)

Kiyoji Nakano (first appearance)

Atsushi Ōtani (first appearance)

Heikichi Nakao (first appearance)

Ryoji Suzuki (first appearance)

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