Hitomi Ōtani (大谷ひと美) is a manga only character in the romantic comedy shōjo manga Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. She appears in chapters 51-53 of the manga, and has no relation to male series protagonist Atsushi Ōtani.

Appearance Edit

Hitomi is a short and petite woman with large "bazooms", noted multiple times by Risa, and short hair with large eyes. Hitomi is usually seen wearing a peacoat, a skirt, and knee high boots, and a revealing blouse when shown without a coat.

Personality Edit

Hitomi is first shown with a ditzy, sweet, and kind personality. She is often shown sleeping or crying because "her boyfriend ran away leaving her with a ton of debt" and she has to work a lot to pay off those debts. In reality, Hitomi is a conniving woman with a vicious personality who makes a living off of tricking unsuspecting men into giving her money. She tricked both Risa and Ōtani into feeling sorry for her. Hitomi also attempted to seduce Ōtani using her sexual appeal, but failed miserably.

Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

Ma-kyun Edit

Ma-kyun is part of a Yakuza (similar to the mafia) and is a very intimidating man, he is also Hitomi's boyfriend. Though Ma-kyun has a very rough personality, he is very loving and protective over Hitomi, even trying to fight Ōtani because "there ain't nobody in this world who don't love my Hitomi!"

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