Haruka Fukagawa (深川 遥) is a support character in the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. It is unknown where Haruka is actually from in Japan or if he was born in Japan at all. Haruka is a childhood friend of Risa Koizumi's and is in love with her.


Haruka Fukagawa

Haruka in his summer uniform

In the anime, Haruka has light brown or dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. In the manga, he is seen with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. Haruka wears a school uniform consisting of a white dress shirt with a red star, loose fitting red tie, brown dress pants, and black or brown sneakers. He wears the same uniform in the winter, with the addition of a peach cardigan that has red stripes on the arm, a red star, and red buttons. Haruka wears the same uniform in the manga as he does in the anime, but only during important school events and not year round like in the anime. When he's not in his uniform, Haruka is typically wearing business casual clothing.


As a child, Haruka was quiet and sensitive, usually seen crying in flashbacks. As an adult, Haruka initially came off as a mature and handsome man who is dedicated to Risa. In reality, he is immature and uses other girls to practice being relationships with so he can "become a better boyfriend" for Risa. He is cruel to Ōtani and constantly nags Risa about hanging around Ōtani, and persistently tries to break the two of them up.

Love InterestsEdit

Harem [need description]

Risa Koizumi [need description]


Seiko Kotobuki [need description]