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Atsushi Ōtani (大谷敦士, lit. meaning "big valley") is the main male protagonist of the romantic comedy shojo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. Ōtani is from the Osaka Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan. Ōtani has always been short for his age, only standing 149cm (4'9") by his first year of junior high and often being confused for an elementary student even throughout high school. His height often prompts his teachers and classmates to refer to him as "All Hanshin."

Ōtani and Risa MeetEdit

The chapter presenting the meeting is more focused on Risa than Ōtani. He has a flashback of how he invites Kanzaki to go with him at the Umibozu concert, but gets refused and dumbed by the latter. He is heart-broken but decides to go anyway, since it's his birthday. When Risa first sees him, he looks really sad and even bursting into tears. He gets a phone call (presumably from Nakao). Ōtani says that he almost forgot today is his birthday and that he feels really sad. After getting packed the two separate and Risa almost gets stumped over by all the crowd, but Ōtani grabs her and gets her on a higher step. Risa shouts at him that he should just enjoy himself since he is there anywhere, right when it is silence. Umibozu then looks at them and Risa tells him it's his birthday so Umibozu shouts Ōtani a happy birthday, along with all the other people present at the concert.


Ōtani and Risa figuring it out each other's identities from a previous encounter 3 years ago

Exchanging some words about how she heard by chance it was his birthday today and about their mutual love and admiration for the band, Risa notes that while she can't see his face properly since it's dark, it seemed like he was smiling. At the same time she figures she had lost one of her shoes in the pack before, and complains about the dangers of going inside there again. After the concert is over, she stays behind trying to find her lost left shoe. Ōtani finds it ruined and stepped over and offers to give her his shoes saying he just feels like walking home barefoot, allowing Risa to throw them afterwards. Just before leaving, she gave him a strawberry milk candy, wishing him "happy birthday" once more. With a big grin on their faces, they thank each other and after he leaves, she feels sorry for not asking him his name, wondering if they will meet up again someday, as Ōtani walks home barefoot.

The flashback ends here and they are seen in their spring break going at another Umibozu concert. In the middle of the town, they meet up with Yoshi, who was both's junior high class mates once. Asking them why they are together, they reveal they are dating and by chat they also find out it was actually Yoshi who brought them together by presenting each other Umibozu. In the process they also recall that one time they were at the live concert with an "elementary school kid" and a "weird girl". Upon realising it was each other whom they met 3 years ago, they start laughing about the irony while Risa reflect she must treasure every encounter because it may change her life and also stated she started feeling that way when she first met Ōtani.

Appearance Edit

Otani Atsushi

Ōtani's school uniform, summer

Otani Atsushi Lovely Complex by LadyAruba

Ōtani in one of his outfits

Ōtani is a really short guy, standing only 157 cm by 12th grade. He has a small stature but a bit muscular due to his constant basketball training. He has orangey brown hair and brown eyes. At school, he wears his school uniform with its variations for summer and winter, though for the summer one he leaves his shirt opened. In the manga, the uniform is different, being a dark tone with a checkered shirt underneath and a tie. When not in school, especially in the manga, he seems to have a high fashion taste coming up with lots of different combinations. Though small, Risa sometimes states that he has really big and manly hands, much to the other's delight.


Tumblr lbq9jePIEv1qepe7co1 500

Ōtani being extremely happy, his usual state

Ōtani often acts prideful and rude to make up for his short height. At heart, however is kind, silly, naive, oblivious, funny and a good friend. Like Risa, he likes Umibozu, water parks, games and the two tend to do things others wouldn't (like riding a rickshaw). Also, he displays a happy and care-free attitude, much like his girlfriend. He is often arrogant, having a high opinion of himself, being the captain and star of the basketball club, regardless of his small stature. He has a short-temper especially when people make fun of his small height. He is really sensitive about it since his ex-girlfriend broke up with him and got together with a much taller guy than he is. This however, stated by his ex-girlfriend is just a coincidence. He also seems to sleep a lot and be late.
N1246839406 30258761 6596

Ōtani embarrassed by Risa's shouting.

Otani Atsushi by Cafla

Ōtani angered

Whenever someone in his circle of friends annoys him (especially Risa and Nakao) he becomes angry and tell them he will beat them to death. He likes cute and helpless girls and seems to think that girls need to be feminine and a bit shy. He sometimes says things he shouldn't and is embarrassed easily especially when it comes to admitting his love-feelings. He is quite popular with girls even though he is completely oblivious to Risa's, Seiko's and Mimi's feelings towards him. When Risa confessed to him, and Ōtani thought it was a joke, a friend told him she meant it but Ōtani replied, "Don't lie."
25727986 1211710012 otani1 skr

Ōtani's oblivious face

When he asks what the guy she loves is like, she describes Ōtani perfectly, but he guesses she means another member of the basketball club. Risa was persistent and kept repeating that description and saying, "He's in here," when they're in a room alone together, and he still doesn't get it until he's had a good long think about what she's said. He also always likes to remind Risa she's in love with him whenever she does something bad (like asking her if that is the way one treats his/her loved one). When he reject Risa's feeling he feels terrible and sorry but he really has no other choice. On Christmas's Eve, one of his former basketball club members asks him whether he likes Risa or not and he replies that he doesn't know. Despite this, he can sense his friends' feeling really well, proven when he managed to figure out by Nakao's strange behaviour that he doesn't want Nobu to leave for Hokkaido.

Ōtani jealous of "Mighty" offering to take Risa home.

He has a high determination, proven when he tried his best in the basketball game (even though they lost) and when trying his hard to enter college, as he was not doing so well in school by then. While in vacation for Maity's wedding ceremony, Ōtani didn't seem so freaked out by sharing a room with Risa. However, that night he ends up sleeping between Chiharu and Suzuki. The next night however, they make up and sleep together in the same bed. Ōtani often shows the "tough" kind of love, rarely expressing directly his feelings for Risa. His pet name for her could be considered "idiot" or "stupid" since he always calls her that way even when blushing. He easily gets jealous (such as when Maity offered Risa to take her home) even though, deep down, he knows he doesn't have to worry since Risa is always going to be in love with him. By the end of the series he follows his dream to become an elementary school teacher, stating he has always liked kids to the point in having some 10-years old as his basketball friends.


Love InterestsEdit

Risa Koizumi Edit

What starts off as a relationship built on bickering soon develops into a strong bond between Risa and Ōtani.The two had always been referred to as "All Hanshin Kyojin", a comedy duo, due to their height difference and constant comedic arguments. Risa views Ōtani as a nuisance before and during their friendship, and argues with him quite often, but generally gets along with him incredibly well due to their similar personalities and compatibility. She soon comes to see how sweet he is through his acts of care for her. It is because of this realization that she falls in love with him. She confesses to him on her 17th birthday, but Ōtani takes it as a joke. On the night of the school festival, Risa confessed to Ōtani again, with him being just as oblivious. A little prompting from Risa allows him see that her feelings are genuine.

F506a6564d7810 full

Risa and Ōtani in their happy usual state


Ōtani rejects her on the first day of their class trip in Hokkaido, saying that "I can't suddenly think of you as a girlfriend, I'm sorry." Risa is heartbroken, but tries covering up her emotions by laughing it off before hurrying to meet Nobuko and Nakao. When asked how things went with Ōtani, Risa cries, only being able to say the words "bear curry" while Ōtani watches from behind a pole in guilt. The next day, Risa asks Ōtani to forget that she confessed to him, but when they happily graze around Hokkiado, Risa changes her mind, saying the words, "Sorry, but... I take back what I said about forgetting any of that stuff ever happened, because I really do love you, and I can't just forget like that. And I don't want you to forget it, either." Ōtani first kisses Risa in his room, while passing out from a fever. After the incident, a new teacher, Kuniumi Maitake arrives at the school. Risa instantly develops an admiration for him due to his resemblance to "Cain-sama", a character from her video game. It is during this time that an infuriated Risa grabs Ōtani and kisses him when he insists that the kiss was not his intention and that he was reaching to remove a grain of rice from her hair before passing out and coincidentally making lip contact. Maity's goal is to make Ōtani jealous and realize his feelings for Risa, which ends up a success.

Risa falling asleep before hearing Ōtani's confession.

On the day of his basketball match, Ōtani loses his drive before getting a well needed confidence boost from Risa. Risa cheers up after seeing Ōtani playing basketball with in his usual enthusiastic state. After the match, Ōtani confesses to Risa, stating that he's no good without her, but she falls asleep, much to his dismay as he mutters "listen to me". Risa lands on his shoulder as he looks on with a smile.

Ōtani and Risa's first real kiss.

On Risa's 18th birthday, Ōtani shows up late because of his search for a present for her. He texts Risa to look behind her as she watches the fireworks alone and disappointed. Ōtani confesses to Risa again, with a kiss. After her birthday, Risa wears the necklace that Ōtani gave her. Ōtani is embarrassed and pulls Risa over, telling her not to not talk about 'this' and 'that'. Risa states that she is happy and not only wants Nobuko to know how happy she is, but the world as well.

Their first date was a beginning of a disaster. That was when they were in the Sports Championship (in the Anime), the Game Land (in the Manga). That was the day that Ōtani said to his ex-girlfriend, Mayu Kanzaki that Risa is his girlfriend.

Seiko Kotobuki Edit

[need description]

Chiharu Tanaka Edit

Ōtani used to have a crush on her because she looks like his ex-girlfriend but he failed to get her love. She seems more interested in Suzuki more than him.

Mayu Kanzaki Edit

She is Ōtani's ex-girlfriend. Kanzaki dumped Ōtani because she was in love with a taller man than Ōtani, making him feel bad about his height.

Friendships Edit

Heikichi Nakao Edit

Ōtani's best friend and Nobu's boyfriend, Ōtani treats him like a big brother. Though, they always tease him and call him an ' idiot '

Nobuko Ishihara Edit

Being Nakao's girlfriend, she takes the group like a leader. She will scold/advise anyone that makes a mistake.

Ryoji Suzuki Edit

One of Ōtani's best friends . His personality is shy and timid.

Mimi Yoshioka Edit

Mimi is Ōtani's neighbour that has a major crush on Ōtani. To Ōtani, he just treats her as a little sister/neighbour

Ōtani rejected her when they were in a Game Land , when Risa punched her and left on her own. Mimi asked a question about her whether he likes her a lot, he replied that he really likes her (in the manga).

Mimi said that she will accept their relationship, but she said to Risa that one day she will take him away from her.

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